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Born and raised in the Philippines, Lian first started styling hair as a teenager in the music industry and drag community. Lian became a professional musician at 16 was touring and performing throughout Asia. Lian further developed her passion for hair by becoming the go-to stylist for her bandmates and other musicians. 


After moving to NYC with her wife, Lian decided to pursue hair styling full time. She trained at Arrojo Cosmetology, learning razor cutting and classic Vidal Sassoon techniques in Nick Arrojo's flagship Soho school. Lian came to Takamichi Hair, where Takamichi Saeki mentored her and imparted his trademark. 


Lian's style mixes classic and modern influences to create effortlessly cool cuts. Lian is known to handle a variety of hair lengths and textures, from long flowing hair to curls to barbering techniques for men's and pixie cuts. Lian’s experience styling for on-camera appearances is a testament to her versatility as a stylist.